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Childhood in the exotic Far East first gave me my sense of wonder in the colourful and vibrant world that surrounds us. Travelling far and wide over subsequent years visiting marvellous places, watching and meeting people in all their walks of life, has contributed much to my delight in the creation of subjects for pictures in watercolour, woodcut and collage. Images from these artworks have been translated into commissions for greeting cards, book-jackets, brochures, packaging and ceramics. I have illustrated for Orion publishing, the Portman Building Society, Safeways, the BBC, Oxfam, Sharwoods and others.

A Bachelor of Education degree from London University Goldsmiths College and a Diploma in Art teaching from King Alfreds College (University of Winchester) together with a passion for Art has developed my work as an Artist and career as an Art teacher.

Daphne Vaughan
Daphne Vaughan