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Daphne Vaughan
Daphne Vaughan

Art classes in Winchester
I run art classes for children, teenagers and (occasionally) adults from my Art studio in Winchester.
I have also successfully prepared children for common entrance and or scholarship exams.

What we do
We learn to draw with pencils, charcoal, chalks, oil pastels ,pens and brushes.
We learn to paint with poster paint, water colour, indian inks and acrylic.
We print and collage and work with clay and other 3 dimensional materials.
We look at how other artists work both past and present, and try to work in their style.
We draw from still life and real life inside and outside the studio. We draw from imagination,and from pictures.

But most of all we work hard and have lots of creative fun.

I take classes on a termly basis on
Thursday from 5.30 to 6.45.
Saturday from 10.30 to 12.30

Age range 7 to 14 years approximately. Children have to be 7 years old to start.
Maximum of 12 per class.

Please email daphne@dvstudio17.com or ring 01962 853320 or 07768 853320
if you want to know more about classes.